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We are happy to share your good news on our SCBWI Illinois Twitter and Facebook channels!  Log in and click here to fill out a form at least 48 hours before you would like your posts to appear.

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How to Participate in a Twitter Chat by Lisa Katzenberger


Members who would like to promote upcoming literary events on this page, send the information to Lisa Katzenberger.




Our SCBWI-Illinois Facebook Page is open to the public! Members who would like to promote upcoming literary events on this page, send the information to Lisa Katzenberger

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Our social media outlets are meant to be fun and informative! Should any participants stray outside of our guidelines, you will receive a gentle reminder from your group moderator or the SCBWI-IL Social Media Coordinator.  If a SCBWI Member is reprimanded more than twice, their privileges will be terminated.

—Please remember that these outlets are for professional writers and illustrators for children.  Flaming, foul language, religious proselytizing, political discussions or personal attacks are not welcome. To engage in political discussions endangers SCBWI’s 501c3 non-profit status and therefore our Illinois Regional Charter.

—Detailed notes from events and programs should not be posted without the speaker’s consent.

—Self-promotion IS allowed, but please be respectful in how often you promote yourself and your work!


QUESTIONS or to start a SCBWI-IL Facebook Group?: Contact Lisa Katzenberger, SCBWI-IL Social Media Coordinator

(Updated 3/2020)