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Information on Parties for PALs





SCBWI-IL congratulates you on your new 2020 book!


Would you like us to launch your video as part of our SCBWI-IL Virtual Book Launch Party program?



Here are our party plans!:





Let’s party: We’re asking PAL participants to send us—or allow us to help them record—their 15-minute video or video interview about their new 2020 book—be creative and make it your own!.

Celebrate Wednesdays at 3:30PM: Our plan is to make up to 4 member’s Virtual Book Launch Party videos available every Wednesday at 3:30PM on our Virtual Book Launch Party splashpage!

—Your video, book cover, teacher guides and other information will be available on that page during your launch month.

—The week of your launch, your book information will be moved to the very top of the list and your video will be linked to the words JOIN THE PARTY beginning at 3:30PM CST on your launch date.

—Your video and book information will remain on the page until the end of the month.

—At the end of the month, your release month’s page will be archived for the remainder of the year in the navigation bar (at right) as part of our Virtual Book Launch Party webpages (for example April 2020 Launch Parties)

—Your video will continue to be accessible via our SCBWI-IL YouTube page.  You may ask us to delete it at any time.


Inviting Guests: We’ll be promoting these parties to over 300 teachers and librarians via direct email and socials, as well as asking you to pitch them to educators and parents on #SCBWIConnects and to book lovers on

Joining the party: Guests will go to our new Virtual Book Launch Party webpage to join the party—no guest registration required.

Party Book Sales & Indies: Visitors will have an opportunity to purchase you book and to support your favorite independent bookstore too! When we contact you with your launch date, we’ll ask you to provide a purchase link from your preferred independent bookstore to be posted with your book information on our Virtual Book Launch Party webpage.

Party Favors @sarah_aronson /#SCBWI_ILaunch:
—For 24 hours after each virtual book launch, Sarah Aronson, our PAL & Published Coordinator, will host a drawing for your book on Twitter for Illinois teachers and librarians.
—Teachers & librarians may go to @sarah_aronson after the video is launched to participate! SCBWI-IL will purchase books for this free raffle (up to our $1000 budget) from local indie, BOOKED in Evanston with Read Local funding donated by iCARE.
—QUESTIONS about the book drawings? Email Sarah Aronson.



Member FAQs:


I’m a SCBWI-IL PAL member.  How do I schedule my Virtual Book Launch Party?

—Log onto SCBWI-IL and fill out this online form.
Questions about the form?: Email Jenny Wagh
—The online form is available to current SCBWI members. Renew your membership.


  —Your VBLP Team will be in touch with your scheduled Virtual Book Launch Party date and to talk about creating your video.

  —Post your party book on this Padlet.    Add your 2020 book cover, website link and anything you offer virtually!  Questions about the PadLet?  Email Sarah Aronson, PAL & Published Coordinator.



I’m a SCBWI-IL FULL member.  How do I participate?

  —Post your party book on this Padlet. Add your 2020 book cover, website link and anything you offer virtually!

  —Questions about the PadLet?  Email Sarah Aronson, PAL & Published Coordinator.


How much does this cost?

—A Virtual Book Launch Party is free to current SCBWI-IL PAL members with 2020 book releases during the COVID-19 pandemic while authorities require residents to shelter in place.
SCBWI-IL may choose to suspend this member benefit at any time.
Renew your membership.


How do I help promote my party?

 —Click here to post your SCBWI-IL Virtual Book Launch Party on SCBWInvite

—A week before your virtual launch, fill out this form by Thursday to be listed on #SCBWIConnects 

 —Email your contacts, including your local bookstore, agent, editor and readers about your event.

 —Send out a message via your social media accounts as to the date and time of your launch.

—Blog about the process of creating your virtual book launch on your website’s blog.


How do I create an afterparty?

—Host a Twitter Chat / Q&A immediately after your virtual book launch party.

—Offer prizes or giveaways to those who re-Tweet (RT) your Virtual Book Launch Party video link within a specified time after your launch.

QUESTIONS about the program from SCBWI-IL PAL and FULL Members? Email Deborah Topolski


SCBWI-IL thanks it’s Regional Advisor Emeritas, Esther Hershenhorn and Alice McGinty for their launch party inspiration.  Many thanks to Roxanne Owens and iCare for their continued support of SCBWI-IL READ LOCAL.