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Pitch Perfect 3: Sessions

For half of the day, you will be seated with up to (8) other attendees at a round table with an editor or agent.

—You will “pitch” up to (3) works-in-progress (see THE GUIDELINES at right).

—The agent or editor will choose the most promising of the (3).

—You will then read your prepared first page and receive immediate feedback from that industry professional.

—Bring (10) copies of each of your first pages.


How do I prepare my Log Lines and First Pages?

—Log Lines and First Pages must conform to THE GUIDELINES.

—Click on THE GUIDELINES (see navigation pane at right) for instructions on formatting Log Lines and First Pages.

—Attendees ideally should have log lines and first pages prepared for at least 3 works-in-progress ready to pitch.  If this is not the case, consider if this event is the right one for you.


What determines with which editor or agent I will be seated?

—You will indicate the format(s) of your (3) works-in-progress during registration: Picture Book / Novel-Graphic Novel / Combination.  NEW! Log lines and first pages are not submitted in advance. 

—You MUST indicate the format(s) of your works-in-progress to be presented during registration so that we can seat you with the industry professional best suited to give you feedback.  If you DO NOT indicate, you will be seated where there is room to accommodate you.

—The Pitch Perfect Session industry professional you will be seated with will be selected for you based upon: a.) the format of your works-in-progress b.) the industry professional you selected for your OPTIONAL manuscript critique. Optional manuscript critiques must be registered for during registration an are an additional $45.

—If you are represented by an agent, you may request to be seated with an editor.  Planners will attempt to, but cannot guarantee, to accommodate your request.

—You may bring a dummy or art from a graphic novel work-in-progress to share with the colleagues at your table.



For log line and first pages formatting  instructions, click on THE GUIDELINES in the menu at right.

Questions about Pitch Perfect 3: Sessions?: E-mail Jennifer Wagh