Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

What to Bring

Remember to bring the following:


Pitch Perfect Sessions:

—10 COPIES EACH OF YOUR FIRST PAGES (for up to 3 works-in-progress), formatted per THE GUIDELINES.  There is no copier available at the Barbara Belding Lodge. You may write your contact information on back to maximize your first page content.


 —LOG LINES (corresponding to your 3 first pages) to pitch to the industry professional at your table in your Pitch Perfect Session.


—Author-Illustrators may bring dummys, interior/cover art for novels or illustrations from graphic novels to show fellow round-table attendees as collateral material ONLY.  These do  NOT take the place of your first page.


Craft Coaching Intensives:

 —PICTURE BOOK INTENSIVE: If you are attending the Picture Book Intensive, bring a manuscript or dummy with you that you would like to work on during this intensive session.


  —NOVEL INTENSIVE: If you are signed up for Sherri Rinker’s Novel Intensive, Bring in 1-2 pages of your own MG manuscript and a prepared paragraph, or a few lines, giving us a sense of age/grade of your perceived target audience, and let us know what other books that target audience may love, have read, etc. (i.e. humor lover, animal lover, has enjoyed Magic Treehouse series, etc.).  Attach this paragraph to your 1-2 page sample.


  —Bring paper/pens or your digital device to work with during the session. How do I know for which intensive I registered? Click here.


For the day:

—PROMOTIONAL CARDS: Bring business cards, pitch cards or post cards for connecting with fellow attendees. Illustrators may leave post cards on the Check-in table after lunch.


—BEVERAGE CONTAINER(S): Bring your own mug or water bottle to conserve on waste (see CONSERVATION INITIATIVES, at right).


—NEW BOOK: Consider bringing a new book, perhaps a story by a diverse author or illustrator, our for upcoming summer SCBWI-IL booth giveaways and prizes! (see DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION, at right).


Check-in begins at 8:30 AM.  The program begins at 9 AM: Please plan your travel route ahead of time.  Some GPS devices have trouble locating the event location (6N921 IL Rte. 25, St. Charles).  Please refer to the event map or click on this link:


Questions?:Deborah Topolski or Jennifer Wagh