Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

2023 ST In Person Pitch Sessions



Attendees are expected to respect the critique process and stay for the duration of the session to offer peer feedback AFTER the professional has spoken.
(Only 7 attendees at each table; 2.0 hour session includes 15-minute break; IN-PERSON)
(See 2-Day Schedule, at right)



—You will be seated at a table with your preferred industry professional and 6 other attendees.


—You will “pitch” up to (3) log lines from your works-in-progress. OR your will show up to (3) finished illustrations. The industry professional will select the ONE they think most promising. 


—For log lines, you will read its corresponding, first page and receive instant, professional, and peer feedback on that first page. (See the GUIDELINES at right).


—For illustrations, you will receive instant, professional and peer feedback on your artwork. The 3 illustrations can either be 3 individual pieces OR a sequential series narrative art. Your choice! (See the GUIDELINES at right)



 Log lines, first pages or art pieces are not submitted in advance. 


—Bring (10) copies of each of your first page(s). There is no copier available at Barbara Belding Lodge.

—If sharing illustrations with Jordan Kost, bring (1) printed copy of each of your (3) illustrations. There is no copier available at Barbara Belding Lodge.


— Author-illustrators are invited to bring and share dummys, in addition to their first pages, as collateral material only. Faculty are NOT required to comment on dummys.


—Illustrators & author-illustrators, bring your promo post cards to CHECK-IN for display and distribution after 10AM.




— Select your preferred industry professional during registration.


—It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY make sure the industry professional you select represents your format and genres.


—If you choose and AGENT for your Pitch Session, consider attending the EDITOR/AD Coaching Chat, or vice versa, to get the most out of our program!


—If you cannot make a selection, that means that all the Pitch Session seats with that particular industry professional are filled. Please choose another industry professional that critiques your format/genre. If no one is available, perhaps choose to check the online COACHING CHAT + CRITIQUE professionals for availability.


Stitched Pitch Professionals for Manuscripts

Jennifer Mattson, Agent, Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Alexandra Weiss, Agent, Azantian Literary

Josh Gregory,  Editor, Albert Whitman & Co.

Kelly Barrales-Saylor, Editorial Editor, Sourcebooks eXplore

Alicia Sparrow, Acquisitions Editor, Chicago Review Press


Stitched Pitch Professional for Illustrations
Jordan Kost, Creative Director, Sourcebooks



How do I prepare my Log Lines and First Pages or Illustrations?


—Log Lines and First Pages or Illustrations must conform to the GUIDELINES, at right.


—Attendees ideally should have 3 illustrations or (3) log lines and first pages prepared for at least 3 works-in-progress.
If this is not the case, consider if this event is the right one for you.


—Be prepared to BRING and  SHOW your illustrations and READ your prepared log lines and first pages. There is no copier at Barbara Belding Lodge. Volunteers cannot assist you.




How do I know which professional I selected during registration? Click here.

Questions: E-mail Deborah Topolski, Co RA