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SCBWI-IL Chicago’s Southland Network hosts PJ Hoover

How to Write a Pick Your Own Quest Book

SCBWI Southlands is pleased to have author P. J. Hoover speak to our group about creating books where the reader not only becomes the main character, but makes decisions that impact the outcome of their story. P. J. has written a series of eleven pick your own quest books under the name Connor Hoover with main characters from King Tut to Alice in Wonderland. She also has written traditional MG/YA novels as P. J. Hoover including Tut: The Story of My Immortal Life and Solstice, plus non-fiction Problem Solvers: 15 Innovative Women Engineers and Coders and Write Your Own Quest: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Your Own Interactive Adventure. See more books at:

QUESTIONS?: Email Jim Danielson, Co-Rep, Chicago’s Southlands

Jpin Zoom Network on April 18 at 7PM