Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

2023 Event Policies


— No children under 18 may attend the online event .


— Persons with Special Needs: If you have a disability and require support in order to be able to take advantage of some or all of this event, please register AND email Deborah Topolski to describe the assistance you will need to enjoy your online or in-person experience.  Please ask for assistance in registering your support person at no cost. We will need time to accommodate you.


— Registration is non-transferable. Because of the specific nature of this event, registration is non-transferable.  Also, online attendance/viewing rate is per-person. SCBWI-IL is a non-profit — please play fair so that we might continue to support our SCBWI-IL programming!


In-person: All attendees must wear their name badge throughout the event. Persons without a name badge will be asked to leave.

Online: Choose & Use Your Pronoun: During registration for the event, you may choose your pronoun. Normally, we would feature your pronouns on your event name tag. Please feel free to indicate your pronouns in your Zoom name and introduce yourself with them when asking a question or making a comment so that our community can address you properly and respectfully. Displaying and using your pronoun is optional


SCBWI Safe Space: If you are uncomfortable at any time in any session, please private message the HOST during the Zoom meeting or email the Co-Regional Advisor after the event.


Events are weapons-free environments.  It is against SCBWI policy to possess firearms or weapons at any of our events.


— Any violation of policies is actionable. You may be removed from the Zoom meeting for any part of the event (including, but not limited to, presentations, individual sessions, and social events) if you are not in compliance or follow the direction of your meeting hosts. Meeting hosts will identify themselves at the beginning of each meeting.


In-Person COVID-19 Safety Measures

—Click to review up-to-date, in-person requirements; Online events offer access to attendees that are not vaccinated for any reason. 

—Self-Care Stations will be provided for all guests with masks, hand sanitizer & wipes for in-person events.

—Elbow taps encouraged over hugging!

—Feel free to wear your mask if you’re more comfortable.



Please be advised that by registering, you acknowledge that recording and/or transmitting or aiding in any of the foregoing of any part of the event (including, but not limited to, presentations, individual sessions, and social events) is prohibited. Additionally, the material in all handouts and presentations is copyrighted and may not be reprinted, blogged, written, orally transmitted, and/or reproduced without written permission of the copyright holder only. RECORDINGS MAY NOT BE DOWNLOADED. If you are found in violation of the above, SCBWI-IL reserves the right to remove you from the conference and bar you from attending future events.

While we love when bloggers share thoughts about their overall experience, offer a personal anecdote, and/or briefly talk about something that resonated with them, it is equally important that bloggers not give away that which is not theirs to give. The fair use policy issued by SCBWI-IL above refers to speakers’ rights, authors’ rights, and illustrators’ rights, under any circumstances, and it pertains to the content of our speakers’ talks, workshops, and/or handouts. This falls into the category of protecting intellectual property. Again, personal impressions, a quote that is cited, and/or a general overview would be considerate. However, it would be a breach of copyright law to give away a detailed report of a presenter’s material. Thank you in advance for taking this policy into account.

You may not give the link to your VIRTUAL FOLDER. and therefore access to its contents and the event, to anyone. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated.



Attendance at this event constitutes permission for your photograph, video or screen shot to be taken at the event and used for SCBWI purposes. Please be advised that if you appear in-person or on video, your image may be captured by another attendee.



Refer to the event registration page for information regarding allergies/sensitivities or strict food preferences. No refunds will be afforded attendees with these concerns.



— Professional and Courteous Conduct Expected.

— Do not try to submit work to faculty members. Our faculty have agreed to accept submissions from attendees that conform to their guidelines after the conference. 

— Questions in group sessions should always be of general interest and not specific to your particular manuscript/illustration. 

— Be courteous to the faculty–they are part of our human family and may need to excuse themselves or take a needed breather!

— Be courteous to your fellow attendees.


— Please refer to the event registration page.
— Refunds are given at the discretion of the Regional Advisor in cases of a death in the family, hospitalization, or military deployment.
No refunds for Extras.



For the complete policy, please follow this link:  

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) is dedicated to providing a safe and harassment-free environment for all of its members and has a zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment, intimidation, and discrimination. This includes all harassment, intimidation, and discrimination made on the basis of race, age, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, disability, medical condition, religion, class, body size, veteran status, marital/domestic partnership status, citizenship or any other marginalized identity. Harassment includes verbal comments, written comments, displayed images, or behaviors such as deliberate intimidation, stalking, body policing, unwelcome photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.


Reporting Procedures

—Any person who believes there has been a violation of the SCBWI Anti-Harassment Policy can report the offense in one or all of the following ways:All SCBWI conferences will designate one or more Anti-Harassment Monitors (AHM) who will be available during the conference to provide a safe space for reporting and discussion. The AHM for in-person events will be identified at the beginning of the event.

—SCBWI has a dedicated email address for reporting any incident of harassment. Anyone who chooses to report an incident can find the Anti-Harassment Report Form on the SCBWI website (About > Anti-Harassment) or use the following link:


Questions about SCBWI-IL Professional Conduct & Policies?: Email Deborah Topolski